Marshall’s Traditional Health Care was formed as a result of the consolidation of two existing companies: Marshall Chemicals and Traditional Sales & Distributors.

Marshall Chemicals has been manufacturing traditional medicines for over 70 years, and Traditional Sales has been responsible for the sales and distribution.

Marshall Traditional Health Care is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Marshall’s range of 77 products as well as Lay’s health and beauty products, products that are well known and have a loyal consumer base.

Customers include wholesalers (such as UPD, Jumbo, Trade Centres, Metro, Africa Cash & Carry, Arrow Cash & Carry, etc), pharmacies (Dischem’s, Sparkport, Alphapharm), herbalists, health & beauty shops and traditional dispensaries.

With a staff complement of 30, Marshall’s Traditional Health Care is a stable business with a strong and committed management team. It is located in Wychwood, Germiston with easy and convenient access to all major transport routes.

Our Management Team

Reema Maharaj

A dynamic and innovative pharmacist, with 15 years of industry experience in manufacture, quality control and assurance, and registration of medicines.

Reema’s expertise extends from the beginning of the product value chain to the end: regulation & registration, research & development, good manufacturing practice, packaging & distribution, and total quality management.

Vick Maharaj

Business Consultant with international experience, implementing solutions for clients across various industries.